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Hornet removal

We have been watching a hornets nest grow all summer. The grey orb of paper was in the maple tree right beside our deck. In the spring, we grilled on the deck and ate
several meals on the picnic table without incident. Last weekend however, LeadBoy got stung and refused to mow the yard again until it was removed. DearHubby and I suited up as soon as the sun went down. With full bee gear on, we approached the tree with my milking stool, a garbage bag and hedge shears. It came down quickly and after the hive was tied inside the garbage bag it was deposited in the freezer in our garage. The Internet search shows these to be White Faced Hornets. They chew wood and spread the mush to build their masterpiece. They are more aggressive than most hornets. When the inhabitants are frozen, it is easier to appreciate their creation.