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Dehydrated Apple Rings

We strung apple rings onto hemp strings and ran the string back and forth over a wood clothing rack. Them we tucked it right in front of our new wood burner, henceforth to be referred to as “The Grizzly”. Then we waited. It’s been a full 48 hours and they are now the perfect balance between chewy and hard.


DearHusband ran them through the apple corer, peeler, slicer thing-a-ma-bob and then we dipped them in a delicious brine of lemon juice, raw honey and water. MyGirl and I strung them up together. LeadBoy taste tested. Apparently he taste tested more than I witnessed because even allowing for shrinkage, I’m pretty sure we are missing quite a few!


I popped these into glass jars, but
I’m betting there’s a better way to store these. Any suggestions? I don’t want to use up all my milk jars on apple rings!




Thanks to my sweet sister and her husbands assistance, our Grizzly wood burner is officially installed! I am currently dehydrating apple slices in front of it.


I couldn’t be more content.

Heating with Wood

We are embarking on the next step of our journey toward self sustenance. Another way of putting it, in this PARTICULAR instance, is that the propane company crossed the line in overcharging us and my husband is ticked. I found a fireplace insert on Craigslist the next town over from us & we drove over to look at it last weekend. We paid $600 for a Grizzly insert. They used to be manufactured in Michigan, but like most quality products manufactured in America, they closed their doors. If we break even with what we would have paid in propane this year, we will be happy. Installation begins tonight!

Beekeeping Equipment

I think Santa should bring me a new set of beekeeper gloves. These are so covered in honey and wax and propolis I can hardly bend my fingers!