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Chance encounter with a Hawk

Today, after about a week straight of bitter cold in Michigan, the sun finally came out. The hens have been cooped up and were anxious to get outside. LeadBoy and I were taking advantage of the respite from blowing cold winds to get the rabbit and chicken feed bins replenished. A chicken darted back inside the coop right between LeadBoys legs squawking and fussing and carrying on…. Just as he turned around to see what was flustering her, a small hawk swept down with claws extended and made a swipe for the chicken! It missed, but raked LeadBoys jean- covered leg!


Not too many people can say they’ve been attacked by a hawk!

Chores in the dark


Sometimes life gets in the way of doing chores before sunset. We have two lantern style flashlights we use to do chores when it’s dark. One has a handy little hook on top that I loop into the top buttonhole on my jacket. It’s the perfect height for seeing inside the rabbit cages when one hand is in latching cage doors and the other hand is pouring food and water. When the work is done, it’s a pretty picture.