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Chickens love…..

If chickens go crazy over the first, lush grass of spring…..


Chickens love that first, lush spring grass!

Chickens love that first, lush spring grass!

What could possibly make them run AWAY from the grass????


Why are these chickens running

What could the possibly be running TOWARD??????


Clabbered milk!

Clabbered milk!

Clabbered milk, of course!!!!

What treats make your chickens race to get there first?

Spring snow, lush grass and bloat

We have had lots of rain this spring. The rivers are swollen and the fields are a beautiful green. The grass just burst through the ground a few days ago.

Yesterday it snowed in the lower peninsula of Michigan, but its supposed to warm up again this weekend.


With the appearance of lush, green grass we had some very happy cows who were anxious to get at it.

So here is my question: How do you prevent bloat? What are your experiences with animals that got bloat? How did you treat it?


Stay in our current home and buy land vs. moving to a farm

As we chip away at painting Every. Single. Room. in our house, the thought has crossed my mind….wouldn’t it just be easier to find acreage near our house and drive to milk the cows? I mean, hey, that’s what I’m doing now, right?


Well, here is one “Con” for driving to the cows every morning. Deer wake up early in the morning too.

Windy, wet and cold: spring in Michigan!

Cold temperatures and sideways blowing rain this morning made for miserable conditions. Back roads are flooded over in places, farm fields have standing water and streams are frothing with the heavy flow of overnight rain. Luckily, the cows don’t care. They just keep giving delicious milk. Today would be a great day to warm a pot of honey-cardamom milk and serve it in steamy mugs. There isn’t really a recipe: fill a pot with as much milk as will fill your mugs, add some cardamom seeds… Maybe a 1/2 teaspoon? And a couple spoonfuls of honey and warm to just below boiling. Enjoy!