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Heat, hormones and heifers

A bunch of the cows were in heat today. While it can be comical to watch these feminine, giantess beasts mounting anything that moves, it can be very dangerous business for their keepers. Imagine: intentionally positioning your knees directly under an 1100 lb behemoth. Now add enough hormones to make her wild eyed and skittish. Now add two or three more cows in heat waiting outside the barn. We scooted behind the big metal bars twice while milking Isabelle. The first time was because she backed out of the milking shoot and exited the barn. For no particular reason other than she had something else she wanted to sniff and wasn’t really “into” being milked when there was so much passion in the air. The second time because another cow-in-heat was trying to mount a third cow right in front of us. They were a combined weight of slightly over 2000 lbs- “dancing” in the most clumsy foxtrot imaginable. My mantra is: respect the cows, respect the cows space.

When we were leaving, I saw this beautiful young heifer, placidly chewing her cud in a different field. So young and innocent of the flood of hormones that will someday make her behave like the love crazed ladies just one pasture away. Isn’t she pretty?