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This is the first year my comfrey has bloomed. I harvested a few roots last fall to use for medicinal purposes, but wanted to see how much I could grow for animal feed. I am pleased with how large it’s grown so far this spring.


Refurbishing the Griz

Our wood burning fireplace insert had been sitting in a damp basement for the last 2 years and had accumulated a thin coat of rust. LeadBoy, MyGirl and I hit it with the wire brush off and on all day the first weekend while it was still on our deck.


We used high temperature black paint to coat the whole thing and then did a little high lighting with some high temperature silver. It has to sit for 24 hours before we can light a fire so if it gets cold tonight we might turn the furnace on.


What do you think about the silver? I might go over everything with stove black to tone down the silver if I don’t like it in the morning.





$10.99 at Meijer. Vintage blue Mason jars are so pretty!!!

How Much Should You Grow In Your Garden To Feed Your Family?

Below is a link to a fantastic post over at Well Fed Homestead about how much you should grow in order to feed your family for an entire year.