Cherry tree owners: you must own this!


MyGirl processed about 1/2 gallon of cherries in about 35 minutes with this little gizmo. It is super simple. You push the metal arm down into a divot that holds one cherry at a time. It pushes the pit through a rubber mat with an “X” in it. The pit falls into a plastic, removable cup. On the up swing, the cherry falls off and rolls down the spout into your bowl. After each child tested it, it was determined that slapping and popping it does NOT work well. Splashing and squirting and giggling might happen, but it does not make the job go any faster and moms generally frown on cherry juice spraying all over the kitchen. Even if it does make the work more fun. Pushing it firmly works just fine.


It cost me $20 from a local hardware store. It has a nice sturdy suction base, very similar to the base on my cast iron apple peeler. This is cherry pitter is made of plastic and imported. If I can find one made in the USA, or made of cast iron, I will buy it before next spring. What a time saver! Now I just have to get my apple cider press ready before the apples are ripe.


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