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Why June, you sweet cow, what are you hiding behind you there?


Well done June! It’s a sweet little heifer, who already has her legs under her and a full belly of milk.


Sadie’s Calf Is Born!

I missed the birth.  I’m nearly 2 hours away from the farm where Sadie is living right now, so the chances that K. and M. would notice she was in labor and I would be able to drive there before the calf was born were slim to none from the get go.  However, it was the first time that K. got to witness a calf’s birth, so that was pretty cool for her.  She said that M. stuck his head in the house and hollered that Sadie was in labor, to come quick.  K. got her camera and ran the whole way from the house to the barn.  90 seconds after she arrived, the calf was born.  She got a couple incredible photos:

Sadie's calf- still wet from birth

Sadie’s calf- still wet from birth


The calf struggled to stand.  She was weak.   She couldn’t even try to suckle.  Sadie did a great job licking her new baby girl.  The licking stimulates the calf’s circulation, stimulates her to breath, stimulates her brain function, stimulates her to stand and nourish herself at her mama’s side.  The licking dries off the mucus and allows her fur to dry.  It was very cold that afternoon.

Welcome to the World Little Heifer!

Welcome to the World Little Heifer!

After awhile, M. and K. made the call to tube the calf and get something warm into her belly.  They milked out some of Sadie’s warm colostrum and mixed it with some honey from my farm, some garlic and a smidge of colliodial silver.  K. said that the tiny heifer received the warm colostrum and immediately stood UP.

“Hot Damn- I’m alive!

Welcome, sweet little cow.  Welcome.