We have decided not to sell our house.  That means buying a farm is on hold.  For a minimum of 5 years.  Our furnace and air conditioners were over 15 years old so we replaced them with a new geothermal heating and cooling system.  It will take us about 5 years to pay it off.  I am settling in here for the long haul.  Dear husband and I have been discussing perimeter fencing our tiny 3 acres so we can get sheep.  We doubled our bee hives and bought a pressure canner.  We fenced our garden and put in a few tomato plants and comfrey starts.   Next year I should have enough comfrey to surround each of our fruit trees.  

I can be happy here.  I am helping out several other small dairy farms and enjoying working with their cows.  I will be content while I am here.   

We have found a new church and I am enjoying a women’s bible study group there.   It is well with my soul.


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